TD Garden – Its been a pleasure

At my first Celtics game at TD Garden in the pre-season.

Let’s be honest – the Celtics this season aren’t very good and the will he? won’t he? what should we demand for him? questions surrounding Rajon Rondo is no help. But that’s not why I am writing this post about. TD Garden has funnily enough become a home away from home for me in Boston.

Back home I go on a regular basis to some of Melbourne’s most iconic stadia – the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Rod Laver Arena and AAMI Park. They all feel special in their own kind of way, and TD is no different. You may ask what’s so different? Well if you read my blog post on RFK Stadium, you might have a clue. Not to mention I did not include the Etihad Stadium above, which I visit most frequently. A stadium needs this special feel. It needs to be able to enclose the emotions of supporters and make them rise as one – even when times are down, in the case of the Celtics.

I’ve been to four regular season games so far – and I’m not sure If I’ll be at another one for the Celtics before I depart next Sunday. The Celtics have not won any of those four games against the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns and Toronto Raptors. Just for curiosity, I’m not counting the pre-season victory against the 76ers because, well it was a practice game against a side who hasn’t won a game all season yet, enough said.

It’s a funny block of a thing, TD Garden. But, there’s a special feel to it. Heck, I even get chills when I hear the national anthem of the United States of America inside the Garden – and I’m not even American! With the Celtics struggling, there’s an awkward feeling in the Garden, it’s almost like once you enter the gates you can feel the Celtics winning tonight, even against the best of the best. And although that hasn’t happened yet (well for when I’ve been there), the Boston crowd stands strong. That’s the reason why the Garden is special. The Boston crowd it like no other. Unique in its own way, and its been a privilege to be part of it.

Until next time TD, its been a pleasure.

Originally published on previous blog.