My top 5 US sport experiences

So yesterday I blogged about my experiences at TD Garden. So this time, I thought I’ll list my five favourite moments of my time in the United States in terms of sport, so here they are:

1. Madison Square Garden and cheering on Pero Antic
For those who don’t know, Pero Antic is the only Macedonian ever to play in the NBA. I’ve blogged about how he has become a global icon for Macedonians before. Getting the chance to see him play, and wave the flag was incredible. The fact New York Knicks fans were coming up to me, asking about the flag and who I am supporting is great, and just shows how Pero Antic has become a face of Macedonians world wide. To top it off, the Atlanta Hawks won.

Waving the Macedonian flag at MSG.

Waving the Macedonian flag at MSG.

2. Peyton Manning magic
Okay, we all know the New York Jets are not very good – but being at Metlife Stadium and seeing the legend of Peyton Manning do his stuff was pretty cool. It was my first American Football experience live and the whole game seemed like a spectacle, even though it was a regular season game. I guess that’s how it has become America’s game.

3. MLS Play-offs
As a self confessed football tragic, seeing the New York Red Bulls take on D.C. United at RFK Stadium was a joy – despite my distaste for the actual stadium. It’s great to see D.C. United set to have a new stadium according to recent reports, their fans deserve it. Ohh and I also got to see Australian hero Tim Cahill come off the bench which was another bonus!

4. Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Rajon Rondo

They’re just some of the superstars I had the joy to watch in the NBA at TD Garden and at Madison Square Garden. No introduction is need for them, nor reasoning why it was a highlight seeing them play their game!

5. Fenway Park
The Boston Red Sox had a disastrous season, there is no hiding that. I got to witness them towards the end of this season against the Tampa Bay Rays, and fortunately for me they won. But that wasn’t the highlight – witnessing Fenway Park – the oldest MLB ball park in the US – in the flesh was. I also took the opportunity to show off my commitment to Keilor Wolves Soccer Club!