Boston Hidden Gems – “Cuppacoffee”, a taste of Australia

One thing you need to know before talking to an Australian about coffee, is that it’s more than just caffeine. It’s an art, a delicate creation and a culture that has absorbed just about all major cities across the country. “Australians are known for their good coffee”, Todd Moore, president of Cuppacoffe, said.

Todd Moore himself is an Australian, moving to Boston in 1999. He opened Cuppacoffee 18 months ago to much success. Cuppacoffe’s unique small design can awfully be missed, in the midst of city streets – but that’s what makes it special and a hidden gem of Boston. Not to mention an espresso coffee, that Todd, makes himself. From cappuccinos, to macchiatos and flat whites, Todd’s espresso would rival some of the best coffee in Melbourne – recently crowned the best coffee city in the world by also agrees with that sentiment regarding Melbourne.

But it’s not just coffee that Cuppacoffee has brought to Boston’s city centre. Meat Pies, one of Australia’s favourite quick bite lunch time feeds has become one of the most popular items in the cafeteria. “We’ve sold 30 000 pies in 18 months,” said Todd. That equates to about 385 pies, from chicken or steak and veg to bacon, egg and cheese and of-course the traditional beef mince pie sold in one small pie warmer. And let me tell you, it was a damn good pie.

Cuppacoffee brings Australia to Boston, with a wider range of Australian products which Todd says is in demand. One of those products is Tim Tams, a chocolate malted biscuit separated by a light chocolate filling (or whichever of the dozens of flavours you choose from), coated by a thin layer of chocolate on top. It’s something that I’ve missed since moving to Boston – and I can tell you, it never tasted any better than when I was able to eat it the traditional “tim tam slam” way, yes we do have some strange traditions.

So if you ever want a taste of Australia, drop by one of Boston’s hidden gems, and soon enough you’ll find yourself buying a plane ticket down under.

Cuppacoffee is located at 1 Merrimac Street, Boston – across from Haymarket T Station. It’s open 7 am to 6 pm. For more information visit

For more of Boston’s Hidden Gems, below is a map created by all students in Professor Dan Kennedy’s Fundamentals of Digital Journalism class.

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